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On a mission to create a happy, futuristic and excellence-driven learning experience for teens & pre-teens and to provide mindset and habit coaching to educators build the necessary environment!

About Me

I am Dr. Rajani K S, founder & CEO of Rajani's BioHub. I am a passionate biology educator with over 15 years of teaching experience. I was the Academic Co-ordinator and HOD of the Biology Department at Presidency College, Hebbal, Bangalore. 

I hold a PhD in Biotechnology (Cancer research). I am a gold medalist in my postgraduation. 

I am proud to have produced 100% results almost always and enabling scores of students to become successful doctors, surgeons and dentists. 

I am an author of the Award-winning science book The adventures of the Microbe Explorers available on Amazon.

I have won the Woman of Wisdom Award 2023 presented by International Authors and Mentors (IAM) Community.

What we do?

At Rajani's BioHub, we focus on integrated development of a child to excel in academics and develop soft skills to succeed in life. We strive to accomplish this through year-long camps, workshops and webinars designed with specific objectives and activities. For the ongoing and future events, check our Children's Creative Corner.


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Innovative Smart Learning Techniques 

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Teaching is termed as a noble profession. Students look up to teachers for guidance not just in the subject but much more. Students consider teachers as assimilated sources of knowledge. They value the words of a teacher almost like gospel truth. The respect that students carry towards teachers is a special feeling that good teachers.

My PhD Work

I am excited to share a preview of my completed Ph.D. work at the Gulbarga University under Dr. Ramesh L Londonkar (Professor, Dept of Biotechnology, Gulbarga University). I am excited about this phase of my life, as this involves some original work with the leaves of Strelitzia reginae. The flowers of Strelitzia reginae are popularly known as the 

NEET is one of the challenging competitive exams that students face, to get an MBBS seat after class 12. NEET exam coaching centers are numerous. They dish out very good course content. There are periodic mock exams that help students test their present level of understanding. And the grind that students face just after 10th 

Notable Achievements:


"Rajni mam is an awesome teacher! She made me love the subject through her simple teaching! She is an expert botanist and a passionate professor!coz of which biology became my favourite subject nd I was inclined more towards science which helped me achieve my dreams to become a doctor! Thank u mam even if it was short period of two years in PUC, it did make a lot of difference in choosing my career .. "

"Teachers have always played one of the biggest roles in developing us as human beings capable of navigating this world. Rajini ma'am has been the best biology teacher I've had who in fact taught us with so much passion and understanding that it made me choose science going ahead and making a career in the healthcare industry. She goes way beyond just merely preparing us for an exam. She makes us understand the subject, the why and the how and also truly builds value for each of the topic we have thrown at us during puc and entrance exams. I've always had fun learning with her, she is a person who is empathetic, understands a students perspective and very very approachable. She's a teacher who's stayed in my life ever since and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her! "

"An amazing teacher is like you,is hard to find and impossible to forget .Your classes were just so inspirational! You have inspired us all to be good human being ,to be nature lovers . The thing that has inspired me most ,is your dedication towards science & nature. Whatever the situation was, you never let your principles of honesty and punctuality fade away .You were always there for us, whenever we needed you. Being an outsider I always had fear in my mind but  your pep talks really helped me a lot. You never left us on our own, and stood with us. "

Dr. Zeena Hanif, Chief Director, Cosmetic Dentist and Implantologist@ PERFECT TEETH STUDIO 

Dr. Shikha Manoj Shah, Dentist, BDS, DDS 

Dr. Snidha Singh, Family Dental Surgeon, Sunshine Hospitals Gachibowli, Hyderabad