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Rajani's BioHub

Hi, I am Rajani KS. I am a passionate biology professor. I have teaching experience of over fifteen years. I was the HOD of the Biology Department at Presidency College, Hebbal, Bangalore. I am a gold medalist in my postgraduation.

I have penned popular science articles, narrated science stories, and taught biology to thousands of students. My interests are diverse, I am a hobby artist, avid book reader, Bharatanatyam dancer, nature lover, and a sports enthusiast.

My blog – Rajani’s BioHub is a humble attempt to deliver valuable insights into the lives of biologists, interesting facts about biology, simple biology experiments, science poems, science stories, book reviews, experiences from the science classroom, tips to learn biology, tips to crack NEET exam and tips to make biology teaching endearing.

I have taught till 2010 and I have ensured that students under me shape up into genuine human beings with the necessary skills to excess later in life. Between 2010 and 2015, I had serious health issues due to which I gave up my teaching job. I had around 12 major and minor surgeries during that period. The zeal and love for Biology and love for teaching kept me going. I have informally taught and helped many students during my sick years.

In 2017, I enrolled for Ph.D. Biotechnology at Gulbarga University under a very supportive, encouraging, and learned guide Prof.Ramesh Londonkar. I am presently a research scholar at Gulbarga University.

Passion statement: Make a positive difference in millions of lives.