Why I need personal help and not tutorials alone, just after 10th standard

NEET is one of the challenging competitive exams that students face, to get an MBBS seat after class 12. NEET exam coaching centers are numerous. They dish out very good course content. There are periodic mock exams that help students test their present level of understanding. And the grind that students face just after 10th standard is enormous.

As a student fresh out of school, I felt lost in college way back in 1992. It took me time to understand why there were four topic teachers in the same subject, for eg- Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical chemistry, Biochemistry in Chemistry subject?

The situation was quite different and confusing in comparison to school. Though I loved science subjects, I couldn’t relate to the system, of every teacher starting one chapter from each sub-branch and I had to keep track of one chapter from organic chemistry, one from inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry. Chemistry is just an example, it was the same in all other subjects- Physics, Mathematics, Biology, English, and Kannada.

Since I found the entire system very confusing and I felt that system would not work for students just out of school when I joined Presidency College as a Biology lecturer on the merit of the gold medal I bagged in MSc, my co-ordinator and me planned to have a single teacher per subject model. It worked better than the prevalent models in practice then.

All through my teaching career since day one- I have found that students have a deep desire to connect with their teachers. They have a thousand questions that need answers. They have numerous doubts that create fear and self-doubt. They feel the syllabus suddenly overwhelming. I did help hundreds of students to hold on to their dreams and am happy that many are doctors- surgeons, dentists, and biologists. However, that help was given simply because of my passion for teaching.

I had to quit my passion (teaching) in 2010, due to serious health issues. After a decade, I still see that the problem and need for clarity by students continue. With my teaching experience, both formal and informal, of over 20 years, I realize that a personal mentor is very essential for students to clear a tough exam like NEET.

There are 3 main reasons for me to pitch for mentors:

  1. A change in mindset is a must to clear NEET and that needs help and care.

  2. Habits will have to be developed that will need monitoring from an experienced and knowledgeable person.

  3. Constant follow-up on timelines and support is a must.
    Career focus is a fallout of a focussed personality. Desires do not make anybody great, actions do!

Last year, I had two of my nieces reached out to me in their class 12 for doubt clearing sessions. It struck to me then, that if at all they had a preparatory one-to-one session followed by close nurturing, just after 10th standard, their focus, progress, and success would be accelerated. One of them took to engineering but she had a deep desire to be a doctor. The other will dare NEET this season and am sure she will crack it.

I wish to ensure that no child suffers from a feeling of confusion and fear. NEET is another challenging exam, it can be cracked with smart reading and mindset changes. The very fact that students take to science is for a reason. They are interested in the subject, they have dreams, they have earned their seat in PUC colleges. They have a dream to become doctors and serve mankind.

I am on a mission to help at least 1,00,000 students crack NEET with confidence by offering them personality development help and subject help in Biology. In case you know someone who is out there groping in the dark, direct them to me now, so that they can chase their dream and achieve what they want to.

Reach me at: rajaniks@rajanibiohub.in / 8217876614.